About No Bystanders

NoBystanders.me and the video against bullying came out of a leadership course that a group of Cadets from Robert Land Academy (RLA), an all-boys military school, participated in earlier this year. Bullying was a major focus of the curriculum.  

The NoBystanders video captures conclusions the students came to in class and is told by the students in their own words. 

At the end of the course, each boy signed a pledge promising that he would: (a) not bully; and (b) not be a bystander to bullying, and since then every student at Robert Land Academy has signed the pledge

Taking a stand against bullying is important to Robert Land Academy and its students. We hope it is important to you too. 

If so, please join the boys of RLA in taking a stand against bullying by promising to not bully and to not be a bystander. 

Sign the petition. 

Share the video. 

And most of all, speak out when you see bullying happen.